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About Boulo

Our Story

Delphine Carter

Boulo CEO & Founder

Before founding Boulo, I had the privilege of creating highly effective teams to maximize group synergies at some incredible companies. But I also experienced the struggle of finding candidates due to budget restrictions and low-quality, un-vetted contingent candidates.


In my mom life, I’m always running into women that I call “carpool geniuses.” These women are driven, educated, and have a proven work record, but due to lack of flexibility in most professional roles, they were forced into taking the off-ramp from their careers. Caretaking responsibilities, gaps in resumes, limited flexible work options, and lack of professional networks leave these women with unfilled professional aspirations. My working mom peers are pursuing their careers but desperately wishing for flexibility as they struggle to meet all the demands placed on their lives.


Experiencing the business need for quality talent and seeing this “hidden” talent of these women-led to Boulo’s unique solution. We offer professional achievement without compromise for women, creating access to professional opportunities that fit their lifestyles and career goals. Businesses get access to a hidden candidate pool and fill their roles at a faster rate, saving them time and money. 


Boulo developed a matching process that combines hard and soft skills, effectively re-skilling the existing strengths of a non-traditional labor force and quickly providing businesses with essential help.

Flexible work for women leads to a better, more sustainable work environment for everyone, and having women on teams improves the company’s bottom line and culture. Not to mention, keeping women working leads to an $842B improvement to the US economy. S&P Global stated that “More women working is the most underutilized source of growth that could send global market valuations soaring.”

Please join us in our mission of professional achievement without compromise, benefitting women and the innovative organizations that employ them.

“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.”

Our Team


I will move mountains for a company that offers flexibility. Their trust that I will execute no matter where or when I work, allowing me to uphold commitments I make to my kids, creates a loyalty like no other.



Flexible work allows me to work when and where I am the most productive which is more efficient for me and my company.



Flexible work allows me to be a part of something bigger that makes an impact on women’s lives while also being able to pick my kids up from school.



Flexible work allows me to contribute to the growth of a company I am passionate about while also giving me extra time with my two young boys.


Hayley Head Photo

Flexible work allows me to do a job I love from home & create a schedule that works for my family.



Flexible work allows me to engage professionally, contribute to something greater than myself, and still be present for the people who matter most in my life.