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The success of your business depends on diverse thinking.

A lack of women in board seats is often viewed as a weakness by investors, suppliers, customers, and prospective female hires. Additionally, research shows that women need to hold at least three board seats for organizations to reap gender diversity benefits.


Utilizing our targeted matching platform and national network of vetted, highly talented females, Boulo SpringBoard matches companies with board-ready females.

The Research: Why Having A Critical Mass Of Women On Your Board Matters


Better Financial Performance

Companies well represented with top female leadership are 50 percent more likely to outperform their peers.

McKinsey & Company, “Diversity wins: How inclusion matters” (May 19, 2020); 2018 report, Global Board Diversity Tracker: Who’s Really on Board?

Decrease The Incidence Of Corporate Fraud

Improve Investment Efficiency & Prevent Risky Overinvestment Decisions

Reduce The Overconfidence Of Male CEOs

Experience Fewer Financial Reporting Mistakes

Reap Greater 5 Year Earnings Per Share Growth

Having three women on a corporate board in 2011 resulted in significantly greater EPS growth over the next five years than all-male boards.

Source: MSCI ESG Research 2016.

Decrease Corporate Tax Aggressiveness

Improve Earnings Quality

Boardroom Dynamics

Innovative Ideas Are Generated From Gender Diversity In The Boardroom

Strong Effort Norms

Strong effort norms from women intensify the entire board’s effort norms.

Increased Engagement Among Board Members

This includes better attendance of meetings and acting on specific tasks after board meetings.

Gender and Board Activeness: The Role of a Critical Mass

Strategy Development Improvement

Better Insight Into Female Customers