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About to be a parent or have kids up to age 21? You need parenting resources.
Meet our partner, Veer.

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Parents often have concerns about their children’s behavior, development, or mental health. Working parents also have questions about how their work is affecting their children. But they don’t always know where to turn for answers.


That’s why Boulo and Veer partnered. Together we offer affordable behavioral health services to Boulo Parents who don’t have easy access to these benefits.

Membership Includes

    • Behavioral health + milestone screenings and assessment for you and your children. Veer will help you identify concerns and get to diagnosis faster.


    • Curated information provided directly to you based on your interests and concerns and guided by Veer’s standardized assessments results.


    • Direct support from Veer’s care team via secure text, chat, or video.


    • Support in implementing any tools Veer provides. You aren’t left to figure out how to use your tools on your own. Veer helps make sure they work for you.

The Details

Veer provides members a care team for all parenting needs. Whether it’s guidance on sleep & lactation schedules, screen time, or dealing with substance use and peer pressure, you’re covered.


After you’ve shared your concerns with your care team, you’ll have access to screenings, mental health assessments, tailored intervention recommendations, and parenting support services. Your team will help you recognize, identify, and get support for any behavioral or social-emotional concerns your children may face.


You can also get support and resources for issues you may be dealing with as a working parent.