Why Women Like You Should Be Filling Board Seats | Boulo Solutions
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Why Women Like You Should Be Filling Board Seats

Why Women Like You Should Be Filling Board Seats

The Future is Female,” is a popular slogan in the US that has gained momentum over recent years.  But do we believe it’s true?  And are we practicing what we preach when it comes to leadership in business? 

According to the U.S. Department of Labor:

  • 74.6 million women are in the labor force.  
  • 47% of U.S. workers are women.
  • Women own close to 10 million businesses, accounting for $1.4 trillion in receipts.  

Yet, there continues to be a lack of women in leadership roles, and women make up only 20% of board seats across the US.   

Change is coming, though. Many companies are now incentivized to search for females to add diverse leadership perspectives.  Research has showed that diverse boards lead to greater innovation, fiscal responsibility, and cultural sensitivity.  Having females on boards also means that female workers have representation at the highest level.   Boulo is now helping businesses find their ideal female board member.

Boulo SpringBoard matches board-ready women with innovative companies

So how are is Boulo going to get more women on boards?  We are launching Boulo SpringBoard, which allows us to advance women in leadership by matching them with innovative companies seeking board advisors and members.  SpringBoard brings a national network of professionals poised to leverage their career experience to help small and medium sized (SMB) businesses grow through board influence. As more women gain board experience with SMBs, they become eligible for larger board opportunities…making an impact across the nation.  

Why Being on a Board is Great for Your Career?

Being on a Fortune 500 board can pay anywhere between $80,000 to $250,000 annually. That’s excellent pay for four meetings per year. While these positions are coveted and require women to have previously served on a successful board or two, these members started small and worked their way up to these positions, and that’s where Boulo SpringBoard comes in.  

We want women to start positioning themselves on boards now.   Nicole Corning of Working Mother Magazine agrees, “Now is the time to be choosing a career path that gets you exposure to finance and operations of the company you work for. If you do sit on nonprofit boards, try to get assigned to the finance committee for additional exposure to budgeting. Try to get a seat on the board of a non-publicly traded company. Remember most publicly traded boards want you to have board experience and this is the way to get it.”

Who is the Right Candidate for SpringBoard?

SpringBoard matches ‘board-ready’ women with companies wanting diversity and expertise. Ideal candidates have senior or C-Suite experience and may have already served on for-profit boards with small and medium sized businesses, nonprofit boards, or school boards.  They have deep knowledge in specific functions, can help raise money, gain customers, hire and retain the best people, and provide industry expertise.  They have at least five years’ experience in a leadership position at a private corporation, large family company, government agency, nonprofit, entrepreneurial, or professional firm. 

How to Get Started with SpringBoard

If you meet the qualifications above and want to be considered for a board position, please complete our SpringBoard Profile Survey.  It should take 20 minutes or less. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Delphine Carter.  Simply email delphine@boulosolutions.com or call 205.566.6441.  

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