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Boulo is the go-to recruiting expert for working mothers and employers that embrace flexibility for mutual benefit. 

Flexible Work

So what is flexible work?

Boulo clients offer at least one of these flexible options


Location: Work is done 100% remotely or in a hybrid (some remote, some in-office) setting.


Schedule: Employees work outside of the traditional 8 am – 5 pm hours or the traditional 5-day work week. A flexible schedule may look like working from 7 am – 4 pm or working Monday to Thursday.


Hours: Employees work <30 hours, in a job share arrangement, or between 30-40 hours full-time.


Culture: Companies measure success by reaching goals versus time in the office. For example, a role may require 40 hours, primarily in-office. But employees attend their child’s school functions, games, and doctor’s appointments with trust from their employer that they will meet their goals.

Helping working mothers and employers achieve their potential

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