You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers!

What kind of professional acumen do the members have?

Members with undergraduate and graduate degrees and/or 8+ years of experience, come to us with a variety of skill sets and experiences. Examples are attorneys, accountants, sales, marketing professionals, financial analysts, project managers, event planners, etc.

What kind of work opportunities do businesses have?

Typical opportunities, ranging from entry-level to C-Suite, include Business Administration, Business Development/Sales, Customer Success, Financial Services, Marketing, and Project Management/Operations fields. Not you? We’ve been known to operate outside the box – get in touch with us!

Do you offer training?

Boulo currently offers targeted online resources to help with the most common training needs.

Do I have to accept a position if I match with it?

We provide quality opportunities at innovative companies. You decide if they are a fit for you.

How is talent paid?

Boulo handles all payment for short-term and contract work, as well as completing annual 1099 form for talent. The hiring company handles payroll for ongoing, part-time employees.

What does Boulo mean?

Boulo (boo-low) is a riff on the French word ‘Boulot’, which is slang for ‘work’. Example: Je viens d’obtenir un boulot avec Boulo! (I just found work with Boulo!)

Do I need to have recent work experience to qualify?

Absolutely not. Boulo and local companies see value in both the women seeking to step down from a full-time position and the women who wish to return to the work force. Many women find that experiences gained during their time outside of the traditional workforce translate well to many position requirements. Be sure to look at the time you’ve spent volunteering or coordinating events with fresh eyes and translate those roles to leadership, project management and teamwork experiences.

What if the company wants to hire me after the short-term project is over?

Just let Boulo know and we will coordinate all of the details. And, congrats!