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About Boulo

Our Story


Delphine Carter

Boulo CEO & Founder

Our story continues to evolve. There are so many reasons we say “mostly moms.” The pandemic forced millions of women out of the workforce. Fewer women are contributing to the economy than there have been in the last 30 years. This fact affects everyone. As Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh stated, “We need to make sure if we’re going to have a strong recovery, a strong equitable recovery, we need to get women back into the workforce.”


So we are doing all we can to help women remain in and return to the workforce. We connect professionals to permanent full-time, part-time, contract, and project-based roles. We work with women looking to maintain both professional and personal goals and with companies that respect that and understand that it’s doable.


Part of this is working with companies that allow employees to do their very best work by providing flexibility. Flex work looks different depending on the company or employee. It could be location, the number of hours or timing of when work is done, or just a flexible culture. A flexible culture could mean that you support your employee going to a school function in the middle of the day, trusting they will find a way to meet their goals.


Having women on teams improves a company’s bottom line and culture.

Not to mention, it was estimated pre-pandemic that keeping women working leads to an $842B improvement to the US economy. S&P Global stated that “More women working is the most underutilized source of growth that could send global market valuations soaring,” benefitting all.


And while we’re starting with mostly moms, we’re striving to create a better work-life balance for everyone, one hire at a time.


How it all began


Before founding Boulo, I had the privilege of creating highly effective teams to maximize group synergies at some incredible companies. But I also experienced the struggle of finding quality candidates. Issues included budget restrictions and low-quality, un-vetted, contingent candidates.


In my mom life, I found a “hidden” talent resource l call “carpool geniuses.” These women are driven, educated, and have a proven work record. But, the lack of flexibility in most professional roles forced them into taking the off-ramp from their careers. Caretaking responsibilities, gaps in resumes, limited flexible work options, and lack of professional networks leave these women with unfilled professional aspirations. Non-linear career paths keep them “hidden” on traditional job boards.


An effort to help women return to the workforce led to Boulo’s unique solution. We developed a matching process that combines hard and soft skills, providing a complete picture of the existing strengths of a non-traditional labor force and quickly providing businesses with essential help.


We also support my working mom peers who have not left the workforce. These women are pursuing their careers but desperately wishing for flexibility as they struggle to meet all the demands placed on their lives.


Please join us in our mission of professional achievement without compromise, benefitting women and the innovative organizations that employ them.

Our Team

Allison Nichols

I love working for Boulo because it allows me to be a mother, wife, and have a career. I grew up with a single mom who did her best, but it is important for me to be present for my three children. I can take them to school, meet them off the bus and attend school and sports events, all while providing for myself and my family with a fulfilling career.


Business Development
Delphine Carter

I will move mountains for a company that offers flexibility. Their trust that I will execute no matter where or when I work, allowing me to uphold commitments I make to my kids, creates a loyalty like no other.


Hayley Heard

Flexible work allows me to do a job I love from home & create a schedule that works for my family.


Business Development
Jeanne Monk

Flexible work allows me to be a part of something bigger that makes an impact on women’s lives while also being able to pick my kids up from school.


Principal Staffing Lead
Katharine Tejeda

To me, flexible work means empowering people and giving them the opportunity to go after their career goals no matter what personal responsibilities they may have!


Social Outreach & Recruiting Assistant
Katherine Garzon

Flexible work allows me to work when and where I am the most productive which is more efficient for me and my company.


Director of Accounting
Kathryn Hamilton

Flexibility in my work means that I’m able to be fully present in multiple areas of my life. Investing in my career, family, friends, and faith are all important to me and having the ability to balance each aspect offers a more fulfilling and joyful life.


Talent Acquisition Specialist
Melissa Cassell

Flexible work allows me to engage professionally, contribute to something greater than myself, and still be present for the people who matter most in my life.


Growth Marketing Strategist
Stacy Ball

Flexible work allows me to be present for all of the big moments in my family’s life while also growing a career that I love.


Business Development
Tracy Aston-Martin

Having a flexible work schedule means that I can attend my daughters' events – from soccer practice to school functions and continue working in a career that I love and have worked so hard to build. Flexible work enables me to be the mom and the professional businesswoman that I want to be.


Director of Business Development