Where we started

Before founding Boulo, our CEO Delphine created highly effective teams at some incredible companies. But she struggled to find quality candidates and was mired in uninspiring resumes, un-vetted skills, and no diversity. Until she tapped a hidden talent pool.

In her mom life, Delphine discovered “carpool geniuses,” driven, educated women with a proven work history. She knew she’d struck gold.

While a lack of flexibility in their prior career forced these women to sideline their full-time jobs, a lack of quality childcare, gaps in resumes, limited flexible work options, and missing professional networks continued to result in their unfilled professional aspirations. Even worse, their non-linear career paths keep them “hidden” on traditional job boards.

The answer was Boulo. Connecting employers who need quality hires with women who need flexibility to return to, or stay in, the workforce.

Fueled by optimism and experience, Boulo embraces our role as flexibility experts, resulting in industry-leading speed of quality placements benefitting both members and employers.

but why mom

But why mothers?

Why focus on working women and mothers? This special group checks all the boxes.

When the pandemic forced millions of women out of the workforce, the U.S. reached a point where fewer women were contributing to the economy than in any time during the last 30 years. That’s a problem for everyone.

A strong economy requires an equitable workforce. So, we are doing all we can to help women remain in – and return to – the workforce… in addition to managing all the other roles they take on.

And while we’re starting with women, we’re striving to create a better work-life balance for everyone, one hire at a time.

Get inspired

Just 43 days passed between posting the role and the start date of our incredible new hire. Lightning fast speed for an A+ result.

I’m confident we’ll save time and money over time, too, because the right hire can easily be 5-10x better than an adequate hire.

Boulo is at the top of my list for future hires.

Ethan Summers, CEO, Fledging

Boulo has been terrific at this stage in my career. They have matched me with a great opportunity as well as provided support whenever I needed.

I highly recommend utilizing Boulo to find your next career opportunity!

Lori W., Boulo Talent Member

Delphine, Jeanne and the entire Boulo Solutions team have played a pivotal role in our growth as a company. They’re responsive and engaged every step of the way.

We wouldn’t think about bringing on additional talent without speaking with them first.

Wayne Anderson, Smart Alto

What we do

Boulo’s approach is one of a kind – just like our talent

We connect professionals to permanent full-time, part-time, contract, and project-based roles. We work with women looking to maintain both professional and personal goals and with companies that respect and understand it’s doable.

what we provide

What we provide

A workplace that works for everyone

Boulo is the go-to recruiting expert for working mothers and employers that embrace flexibility for mutual benefit. We deliver ‘peace of mind’ with industry-leading speed and quality of placement for members and employers.