Employer FAQs

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers!

How is talent paid?

Our platform handles all payment for short-term and contract work, as well as completing annual 1099 forms for talent. The hiring company handles payroll for ongoing, part-time employees.

How do I receive the talent's hours worked to approve?

Every two weeks, the client will receive the talent’s timesheet for that period with a description of work performed. The invoice is also attached. If you have a question about the time worked, please let us know before paying the invoice. 

What payment method is best to pay Boulo?

When Boulo emails your company invoices from QuickBooks, there is an option to click on a link and pay via Quickbooks.

How long do I have to pay an invoice?

30 days to pay an invoice. After 30 days, a $50 late fee will be imposed.

How long is my financial commitment to Boulo?

If the talent is on your payroll, then a direct-hire fee payment is divided and paid to Boulo over 6 months. If Boulo is handling the payroll for your new hire, then the term is one year. After that, the company’s obligation to Boulo is over, and the talent can migrate to the company’s payroll system. However, if you would like to continue to use Boulo for payroll, we can keep your Boulo hire on our payroll as long as needed, but our fee will remain intact.

My new hire is excellent! How do I hire them directly to have them join our team permanently?

The Boulo contract term is one year. If you choose to hire the talent as a permanent employee, half of the fee payment is due when your new hire starts with the remaining amount due after 3 months. We will coordinate all of the details. And, congrats!

What if the talent is not working out as planned?

If the talent is not working as planned, please let us know immediately, and we can look to find a replacement at no charge.

What forms do I need my new hire to fill out once they are hired?

Once the talent and the company have agreed upon a salary, hourly rate or project amount, and a start date, Boulo will send the company a Docusign agreement that will then be sent to the talent for their signature after the client signature. If you would like a background check of the talent, please let us know, and we can take care of that for you. Our Director of Accounting will invoice you close to the new hire’s start date with a retainer amount plus a portion of the Boulo fee for the first month of work (if talent will be on Boulo payroll) or an amount owed if a direct-hire situation.