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why ei is needed in the workplace

Stop Looking, Start Finding.

Businesses grow on strong talent that bring great ideas. Boulo empowers companies to amplify their brand and connect with top-tier, diverse talent. Our subscription packages make sure we win only when you do.

Finding the best talent starts with the right subscription.

Employer Pricing Plans


For preparing to hire


+10% of annual salary per hire 

Build your foundation for hiring success

One active job post/mth

Showcase your company

Explore candidates

Build a talent pool

Share your culture

Elevate your candidate pipeline


For hiring right now


+ 8% of annual salary per hire

The best of automation with a human touch

Benefits of SEED and…

Publish unlimited jobs

Compare candidates with 360° profiles

Connect and communicate

Schedule interviews quickly

Support from our sourcing experts


For stress-free hiring

Custom Pricing

Reap the rewards without the effort 

Benefits of GROW and…

Our recruiters handle it all

Access exclusive talent pools

Candidates vetted for skills & culture

Focus your time on what matters

Ensure confidentiality

Seed Package
Grow Package
Scale Package
Craft an enticing company profile
All done for you
Discover aligned professional candidates
All done for you
Showcase your company in candidate feeds
All done for you
Cultivate a diverse, eager candidate pipeline
All done for you
Compare easily with 360° Profiles
All done for you
An expert behind the scenes ensuring quality
All done for you
Post unlimited jobs
All done for you
Get qualified applicants in 5 days
All done for you
Communicate efficiently
All done for you
Accelerate interviews
All done for you
Streamline agreement exchange

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