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Build a diverse pipeline with a modern-day approach to work

We work with forward-thinking employers who attract top talent using location, schedule, and culture as recruiting assets.

Boulo helps you showcase your brand story, targeting women and attracting exactly the candidates you need. Once you post a job, sit back and watch your pipeline grow with diverse talent that is engaged and excited to work with you.

Find your carpool genius

Boulo candidates are uniquely prepared to step into a new role and quickly contribute. Our talent pool has:

Experience: 10 years on average
Knowledge: deep industry know-how
EQ: critical soft skills
Versatility: depth and diversity

Soft skills are at the core of peak performance for any position, and our candidates deliver. Mothers who work with Boulo have professional and lived experience that translates directly to on-the-job success. These are carpool geniuses. Masters of time management and multitasking. Storehouses of energy. And they want to work for you.


Find Talent in a new way

What’s the secret to hiring experienced talent? Being flexible. Everyone is looking for experienced candidates, but you won’t make it far by hoping they find you. Boulo helps companies get started on changes that get them the talent they need.

We work with forward-thinking employers who attract top talent using location, schedule, or policy flexibility as a recruiting asset.

Boulo and the bottom line

We know cost is a factor in hiring—particularly for growing companies. Our subscription levels let you choose exactly what you need and keep monthly costs low.

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