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What Boulo Isn’t

Boulo is not another job board. Successful careers can look like rock-climbing walls. Sometimes you move sideways to broaden your skills, sometimes you step down or back to climb higher in another way. Careers don’t happen in one tempo but most job boards assume they do. 

Boulo helps you post more than your resume, our technology helps employers understand the value in your experience. Our unique 360° profile showcases skills and lived experience, reducing bias so employers select the best candidates quickly.

3/4 of all women have non-linear careers.

,Because of that, we have a soft spot for mother who work outside of the home.  Join our Momfessional online community created by moms and professionals. This community understands the challenges of pursuing career goals while maintaining a strong focus on family.

The Momfessional community offers a range of resources, from resume-building tools to upskilling opportunities, each designed to help you achieve your goals. 



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