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Boulo helps companies reach untapped pools of talent using a skills-based approach. Post a job, sit back, and watch your pipeline grow with talent who is engaged and excited to work with you.

Find your carpool genius.

Simply put, our candidate pool is different. You won’t find these working mothers on other job boards or applying to your company postings. Mothers who work with Boulo have professional and lived experience that translates directly to on-the-job success. They are leaders at work and in their communities. These powerhouses want to work for you.

Experience: 10 years on average.

Knowledge: Spanning from C-suite to entry level.

Versatility: Seeking full-time, part-time and contract roles.

EQ: Critical soft skills.

Find talent in a modern way.

What’s the secret to hiring experienced talent? Being flexible. We work with forward-thinking employers who attract top talent using location, schedule, or policy flexibility as a recruiting asset.

We know cost is a factor in hiring, particularly for growing companies. Our subscription plans let you choose exactly what you need and keep monthly costs low.

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