The flexible way to build a better team


Better teams

Better hires

Boulo is the recruiting industry’s go-to resource connecting results-driven employers with a diverse pool of talent – including women, mothers, and caregivers- looking for flexibility.

Be flexible:

  • Full-time, part-time, and project-based jobs
  • Adjustable schedule beyond 9-to-5 and the 5-day  workweek
  • Caregiver friendly culture
  • Remote, hybrid or in the office

We feature industry-leading speed and quality placements, matching growth-minded employers with the talent they need to succeed. With years of experience as recruiters, professionals, and, yes, mothers, we’re helping make the workplace work for everyone.

We work for YOU

Our candidate pool is different. We call it “hidden talent” because you won’t find them on other job boards or applying to company postings. We match these experienced professionals with employers who measure success by racking up goals rather than hours in the office.

Bridging the gap

Today, the competition for talent is described as “battles” and “wars.” And economists say the labor market won’t loosen up anytime soon.


At the same time, the workforce has changed its outlook on work, with prospective employees looking for companies that offer balance and opportunity.


Between these two perspectives, there’s a gap. And that’s where Boulo lives, bringing optimism and hope back to the job search and hire process.



You know who you need. Let us match your company with experienced candidates you won’t find through traditional recruiting avenues. Boulo’s talent pool experience spans entry-level to C-Suite, in Business Administration, Business Development/Sales, Customer Success, Financial Services, Marketing, Project Management/Operations, and other fields.


We place women with 5+ years of professional experience seeking flexible full-time, part-time, and project-based work.

The Boulo Difference

Have you considered offering alternative work arrangements and more family-friendly policies to get the talent your need? It’s all we think about! We help companies win the talent war by tapping into an experienced pool of candidates pursuing both professional and personal goals.