Balancing Confidence and Humility in the Job Interview

balancing humility and confidence

Balancing Confidence and Humility in the Job Interview

Guest author Brooke Bowles

My dad has never been shy about giving advice.  I keep several of his “nuggets” of wisdom in my pocket and pull them out from time to time.  One such nugget is how my dad defined bragging.  I was roughly ten years-old when I asked my dad how I could tell if I was bragging.  He answered immediately:  if it is a fact, it isn’t bragging. 

During a recent discussion on confidence in Boulo’s Embark program, I was asked how to exude confidence without sounding arrogant.  I reached for the nugget and gave my dad’s answer:  if it’s a fact, it isn’t bragging. 

Employers are looking for the ideal team player, displaying both confidence and humility.  And during a job interview, you don’t have a great deal of time to shine in both areas.  Additionally, you want to make sure the interviewer knows just how incredible you are! 

Try sticking with the facts.  If the employer asks about your strengths, consider an answer based on your demonstrated strengths.  For example, instead of saying, “I am an excellent problem-solver,” consider saying, “I enjoy problem-solving and supporting my coworkers.  In my previous position, coworkers relied on me to provide solid guidance when we were at a standstill with a project.”  This answer gives the interviewer a picture of you, a picture of your confidence in speaking up as well as your humility in supporting your team. 

Written by guest author Brooke Bowles, a Boulo facilitator