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Career Advice For Women

Career Advice For Women: How To Build And Advance It?

Guest Post by Sarah Bull, blogger at

Building a successful career takes time and dedication. If you feel stuck in your current job or don’t know how to get to the place you’ve dreamed of with your career, you’re not alone. Below, find a few great tips for making your work more rewarding and advancing your career to the place you want it to be. 

Finding Balance 

For many women, balancing a career with other responsibilities is the biggest barrier in finding success at work. Here are a few ways to avoid spending too much or too little time pursuing your career. 

  • If you work from home, establish boundaries with your family members and experiment with different time management approaches until you find something that works. 
  • Do you commute to work? Use podcasts, audiobooks or classical music to turn your journey into an experience that takes away your stress rather than adding to it. 
  • If you constantly find yourself juggling too many responsibilities, get more comfortable delegating tasks. The same techniques can apply to household chores or work projects! 
  • When your career is too hard to balance with your personal life, consider changing paths. Use Boulo to explore work opportunities that offer more flexibility. 

Getting Ahead 

Striking a good balance with your career and personal life makes it easier to define the goals you want to achieve at work. If you’re not where you currently want to be with your career, these tips can help. 

  • Oftentimes, the first step in getting ahead in your career is simply getting noticed — in a positive way — by your manager or boss. 
  • In many cases, the best way to start making progress is to advance to a role with more responsibilities. Following these steps can help you get considered for a promotion.
  • If advancement isn’t currently in the cards, you might try asking for a raise. Asking is intimidating, but it’s worth trying so you get paid what you truly deserve for your work. 
  • Did your business take a hit with the pandemic? Connect with assistance programs to get financially back on track. 

Navigating the Day-to-Day 

No matter where you’re at with your career, you’ll encounter many of the same challenges in the workplace. These resources can help you handle common issues you might face at work. 

  • No matter your role, having strong communication skills at work will help you with day-to-day tasks and long-term goals. 
  • Whether you love your coworkers or not, there’s always the possibility of conflict arising. Learning how to deal with it is crucial. 
  • If projects don’t go as planned, it helps to know how to win back your manager’s confidence and trust
  • Even if you like your job, it can feel overwhelming at times. Learning how to cope will help you get through days where you feel frantically busy. 

Finding success at work is a challenge, but it’s also rewarding seeing your efforts pay off. No matter where you’re at with your career, learning how to get ahead, handle day-to-day challenges and find balance between work and life will help you succeed.