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Boulo Case Study: Hiring a Contractor for a One-Time Project

Most client-focused organizations will, at some point, face the challenge of meeting client requests outside their typical scope of work.   If  your staff is already at max capacity and the request calls for a specific skill not available on your team, your instinct may be to say no to your client.  But is this your only option?  No.  This situation is the perfect opportunity to hire a contractor to execute this unique project, delight your client, and generate more business for you.  

For many of our clients, the moment they realize they can hire a contractor to execute one-time projects reliably, a lightbulb goes on, and the fear of underdelivering to a client disappears.  Deep South Freight President Edmund Doss felt this way when he realized he could hire a contractor through Boulo to complete an extra project requested by his customer.

Established Fleet Company, Deep South Freight, Needed to Execute a One-Time Project for a Customer that its Full-Time Team Could Not Complete.  Boulo’s Contract Services Provided Specialized Talent that Successfully Led the Project to Completion.

The Challenge: Deep South Freight received a request from a customer who needed help creating a professional resource guide that could be updated annually. The project required a lot of attention, data entry, and formatting. No one in their organization had the time or skill set to complete the task effectively.  Deep South Freight knew that they would need to hire a contractor to fulfill their client’s request.

The Results: Lauren met the customer’s request on time and produced a professional document that exceeded expectations. Deep South Freight was able to get the specialist needed for a customer project to make sure the job was done right, resulting in a happy customer.

Deep South Freight - Hiring a contractor

“Without Lauren, the project would not have been completed, and our customer would have become frustrated. Finding someone with the skill set and available time to tackle this job was critical – and proved to be very effective for Deep South Freight.  I would certainly use Boulo again to hire a contractor for a future project that comes our way.” – Edmund Doss, President, Deep South Freight

About Deep South Freight: Deep South Freight is a southeast-based dry van carrier established in 1975 and has been operating for over 40 years.

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