You are currently viewing Redefining Success: A Deep Dive into Inclusive Hiring with Jamy Conrad

Redefining Success: A Deep Dive into Inclusive Hiring with Jamy Conrad

Only those who understand the underlying secrets to building strong teams can not only drive a company’s success but also navigate the always changing hiring landscape. One person who has firsthand knowledge of this is Jamy Conrad, an experienced recruiter and HR/People Leader with a passion for building strong teams that consistently drive exceptional results by breaking barriers.

We had the chance to sit down with her, and learned her secrets on navigating the current hiring landscape.

Now, Jamy shares practical advice on how to keep your business competitive in the modern world through strategic human resources. Let’s delve into her insights.

Tell us about your career and what inspires you

I first entered the recruitment industry as a manager of a manufacturing company. I saw firsthand the significant effect HR had on businesses there. I found a job in HR at a small business after moving to Austin, and I’ve been doing it ever since.

Currently, I am working at TrustRadius, a leading tech buyer decisioning platform dedicated to simplifying the lives of tech buyers. What sets TrustRadius apart in the industry is our unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity. What has been inspiring me is seeing the major benefit that developing relationships that are mutually beneficial between employers and employees can make. It enables both of us to prosper and deliver successful business outcomes. 

Jamy Conrad

What do you wish more people knew about you? About recruiting?

I want people to know that I will always be honest and open. Being 100% authentic, I believe, is an important step in developing genuine trust.

I also believe that more people should recognize that recruiting is more than just filling positions.

My tagline is “Humans, not resources” to emphasize that we should treat people with dignity and respect, recognizing their inherent worth. I choose to see candidates as individuals, not as statistics, and this flows through the recruiting process into onboarding and as an employee. It fosters an environment where employers and candidates can truly thrive by valuing personal compatibility alongside qualifications.

Jamy Conrad

What do you prioritize when looking to fill an open role?

Finding the right connection and fit between the potential candidate and the company is my top priority. Understanding candidates’ needs and aspirations, as well as how they align with the organization’s goals, should be highlighted.

I need to have a firm grasp on what we want to achieve as a company, and then I prioritize finding candidates with the skills required to achieve the business outcomes we seek. I assess their qualifications by ensuring that they possess not only the required hard skills but also the soft skills that are compatible with the company’s culture and norms.

I’m looking for candidates who truly understand the company’s potential and want to be a participant in bringing that potential into reality.

In the end, I seek out partnerships that are win-win and in which prospective employees not only contribute to the success and growth of our business but also gain from it. This, in my opinion, is the most important component of hiring.

Jamy Conrad

Do you struggle to find diverse candidates? What tools, resources, or communities do you leverage to find these candidates?

Finding diverse candidates is something we value very highly. If this is something you and your business want to do, and you prioritize it, it won’t be difficult. We participate in diversity job fairs and use diversity job boards in order to attract diverse and nontraditional candidates like and Professional Diversity Network.

We post job openings targeted at individuals like veterans, people with disabilities, and returning moms. In order to promote inclusive hiring practices and address unconscious biases, we provide training.

We also participate in volunteer work for groups like Code2College, which works to diversify the technology sector. For our first internship program, we actually intend to work with Code2College in order to recruit beginning programmers and coders from a variety of backgrounds. 

Jamy Conrad

How is it working at TrustRadius? Is there anything you wish people knew more about TrustRadius?

I feel a sense of belonging in this group. The dedication of everyone at TrustRadius fuels the company, and our people truly are our strategic advantage. Our goal is to simplify people’s lives, especially for tech buyers.

I want more people to understand the dedication of the TrustRadius team and our dedication to sharing insightful information, even when it conflicts with the interests of some clients.

My opinion is that TrustRadius stands out from the competition in the sector because of our unwavering dedication to authenticity and quality, which extends to the way we go about hiring employees.

Jamy Conrad

Jamy Conrad’s hiring expertise reveals the genuine secrets to building successful teams. Instead of just trying to fit the existing talent pool into their organization, they are able to prioritize the potential contributions of the talent pool, which gives them an advantage. These hiring managers, such as Jamy, are better equipped to build a more potent team that promotes growth and success by concentrating on what the present talent pool can bring to the table.

With a focus on authenticity, mutual benefit, and recognizing humanity, Jamy creates an inclusive environment where both employers and candidates thrive. TrustRadius, shares these values, promoting diversity and inclusion. Together, they challenge us to reshape our hiring processes, appreciating the unique contributions of each individual. By embracing authenticity and valuing personal compatibility, we can foster stronger teams, drive company success, and create a world where diversity is celebrated. The power to transform lives and businesses lies in our commitment to these principles.

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