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Mom & Work Life: Life Management Software You Need

Let’s be honest–work life balance is difficult when there aren’t kids involved but once you add your littles’ schedules onto your own, your job title might as well be cruise ship director. With everybody, yourself included, going in a million different directions, organization is a friend you’ll need at every possible turn. Luckily, there are no shortage of task management software apps and tools available for working moms on the go to help control the chaos. is an award-winning app used by millions of people to stay organized and get more done. Organize your tasks, lists and reminders in one easy to use app. syncs seamlessly across all your devices.

Keep track of your progress. Add smart reminders so you never forget a thing. With beautiful themes and turbo-charging powers, you’re guaranteed to save time and achieve great things. 

Set reminders to make sure important things don’t slip away. With powerful one-time, recurring and location based reminders, you can be sure critical things don’t get forgotten.

Streamline your grocery shopping experience thanks to’s smart grocery list. Sort your grocery items automatically sorted, easily import online recipes and share your list with your family. It works with Siri and Alexa too!


Asana is extremely helpful in managing tasks because of how action-oriented and well-designed it is. You can use it as simple as you like or as comprehensive as you need it. Though it’s primarily used by teams or in businesses, you can use it for personal use as well. Try using it as a shopping list, weekly planner, expense tracker, habit tracker, or, my personal favorite, to map out your goals. 

Once you’ve signed up for your Asana account, or if you already have an account set-up with your workplace, you can easily start creating personal tasks and projects. 

Select either a pre-loaded or blank template. Add your project details and choose the view you want. We find the list view helpful for tasks such as shopping lists or to-do lists and the board view great for organizing events or weekly schedules. 

Basecamp Personal

Basecamp Personal is the 100% free Basecamp plan that’s tailor-made for freelancers, students, families, and personal use project management.. 

With Basecamp, you break up your work into separate projects. Each project contains everything related to the work at hand; all the people involved, every discussion, every document, file, task, important date, etc. Everything!

How it’s better: unlike email where everything starts disorganized and you have to constantly manage the chaos, Basecamp projects keep everything organized by default. Things are always where you expect, and it’s obvious where to put stuff.


ClickUp is the world’s highest-rated project management tool. Companies like Google, Webflow, and Airbnb use it. But ClickUp isn’t just for large teams! Whether you’re a freelancer or just want to meet personal goals, there are plenty of tools within the platform to boost your project management routine.

Get a high-level view of your daily to-dos on a List, Board, Calendar, or any of the 10+ customizable views. Make your workflow as simple or as advanced as you want.

Statuses: Create personalized workflows for all of your tasks in ClickUp. 

Checklists: It’s easy to get lost in a workflow when tasks require multiple steps for completion! Checklists give single users an easy way to organize business processes and simple to-do lists directly within tasks! 

You can also utilize these to hold yourself accountable. Simply check off each item to show completion and move on to the next! Once you’ve made a checklist you like, create a template with it for later use. There are  some awesome personal productivity Folder Templates for you to check out too.

Establishing a task management and tracking system can help keep your life organized, and it also helps you get ahead. Learning how to handle day-to-day challenges allows you to find balance between work and life, knowing what exactly you need to have done when. No matter where you’re at with your career, learning how to get ahead, handle day-to-day challenges, and find balance between work and life will help you succeed.

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