The Power Moms Bring to Corporate Culture - Boulo Solutions
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The Power Moms Bring to Corporate Culture

The Shameless Mom Academy & Delphine Carter

Cover navy background with HOH Military Spouse Professional Network (MSPN) logo host Debbra Hooks photo and Boulo's Founder & CEO, Delphine Carter's photo for their discussion and news blog

I had a blast chatting with Sara Dean on The Shameless Mom Academy! Listen in to hear me share:

  • My realization that “I could not be whole without my work”
  • How I help genius moms get seen professionally
  • How Boulo helps moms qualify themselves for jobs that are a perfect fit for their specific needs
  • Why Boulo only works with companies that create flexible working environments for moms and dads
  • How forward-thinking managers need to shift expectations around goals versus time invested on a job or task
  • The benefits of having moms in a C-Suite position
  • The significance of empathy in corporate culture
  • The challenges around childcare post-pandemic. 40% of childcare centers nationwide have closed and what is open is ridiculously expensive
  • The exact conversation you can have with your employer to ask for a more flexible schedule
  • Why we must erase the phrase “just a mom” from all vernacular


About the Shameless Mom Academy Podcast with Sara Dean: The Shameless Mom Academy, a top-rated podcast with over 3 million downloads, provides tools to help moms achieve their best lives. Sara Dean acknowledges the daily challenges of motherhood. She believes you must be “shameless” to “build a life and a legacy you love.” Sara is also a mindset, business, and leadership coach for moms. Visit her website at


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