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The Value of Women in the Workplace

The Value of Women in the Workplace

In a time where work and word travel fast, companies and leadership teams require nothing short of outstanding in order to thrive. According to Hive1, women are completing 10% more tasks than men, and having them represented in the workplace has plenty of proven payoffs: from fresh ideas to increased ROI to more productivity. At Boulo, we want women of all generations and skillsets to know their worth, and to be reminded of the value they can bring to any company.  

In a Forbes2 article in conversation with Jennifer Brown, founder and CEO of Jennifer Brown Consulting, the writer aims to reinforce the importance of gender diversity in the workplace. Science has shown that men and women are conditioned toward different characteristics and work styles, and when brought together, can balance each other brilliantly.

The Value of Women in the Workplace

As women move through the phases of their lives and participate in different roles, they gain experience and skills that are directly applicable in their careers. Raising a family, volunteer or overseas experience, side hustles…it all counts! And because women have typically left and re-entered the workforce at a higher rate than men, they are often more willing to take risks. As Brown explains it, “Women learn to do more with less, they are resourceful, and develop a unique political awareness. These factors equip women to navigate through rocky waters, build the right alliances and relationships, and seize strategic opportunities.”

Collaboration, active listening, showing of empathy, and the ability to delegate and assimilate other opinions and viewpoints are other typical traits that are highly beneficial to any company, especially when it comes to internal affairs and the creative process.

In a Gallup3 study of more than 800 business units, it was discovered that gender-diverse workplaces have better outcomes (financial and otherwise) than those dominated by one gender. Of those studied, gender-diverse retail companies have 14% higher average comparable revenue, and hospitality companies show 19% higher average quarterly net profit.

We know that women are doing their part: pursuing higher education at higher rates than men, requesting promotions, and negotiating salaries. It’s time for the diverse skillsets of women to be shared and celebrated.

According to Ernst & Young,4 “Women drive 70-80% of all consumer purchasing, through a combination of their buying power and influence.” With women making up a seriously significant portion of any customer base, companies need a diverse team in order to reflect the marketplace they’re selling to. Including more women in corporate leadership positions can help to establish credibility with a wider audience.

Two exciting predictions5 for the workplace in 2019 are a greater emphasis on work-life balance, and a continuing focus on gender equality. Boulo can support you with both! We aim to inspire and encourage exceptional women from a wide variety of professional backgrounds to share their skills, talents, and experience through exciting and flexible work opportunities in the Birmingham area. The skills you’ve acquired can translate well to many industries, and we’ll help you get connected with them.