Turning Your Mom Skills Into Money with Delphine Carter

The Stable Mama Podcast; Host Johanna Buss

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Being a mom equips you with SUPERPOWERS! Moms have super skills that translate into exceptional business acumen! Think of the endless hours of organizing kids’ schedules, meal planning, teaching morals and lessons, and adapting to unexpected changes. These experiences have turned you into one super-human mom who achieves impressive goals, and they strengthen your ability to thrive in the business world.

Being a mom doesn’t limit you; it enhances you! You can find balance, self-worth, and fulfillment as a mom with both professional and personal goals.

Find inspiration in the amazing mom you are, and find encouragement if you are struggling with that feeling of losing yourself while navigating the crazy journey of motherhood.

  • Topics Covered in this Episode:
  • Redefining Stability
  • What is Boulo Solutions?
  • The Amazing Skills Moms have to Offer Businesses
  • Communication and Boundaries with our Family
  • Empowering Mothers and Our Children

Here are some excerpts from this amazing conversation:

JB (Host Johanna Buss): We have this one amazing question that I love to ask all of our guests: How do you do it? How do you build your incredible business and keep stability in your life?

DC (Delphine Carter): Redefining stability. So, before I started a business, stability looked a lot different than the stability that I expect today and the stability that I implemented in Covid. It’s knowing that stability looks different at each season of your life. And so, I have gotten extremely nimble at adjusting what stability looks like for my kids as they age and myself.

JB: It’s true we have to define it at each stage we’re in because it’s going to change, because our life is changing, that’s the whole point!

JB: I had to leave a profession I really loved (once I had kids) because I didn’t think I could do both. So, I love this idea and this concept. How does it work?

DC: We have women go through an onboarding process that helps women return to work… We also have women who, like you, are in that corporate space they don’t want to leave.

There’s only one thing I’ve ever been good at in life, and it’s work. So, I never wanted to leave work. So, we help women find jobs that offer that flexibility.

We talk to businesses about the value, the quality of the hire they’re going to get, the commitment of the hire, and the businesses by in.

JB: Essentially, you’re using our mom life skills and translating them to – which they are, but we don’t view them that way – into corporate job awesomeness skills that we can find on a resume.

DC: I want everybody who’s listening to think about these things. These reasons are exactly why we tell our businesses they need a mom on board.

Moms are more productive and efficient. Think about getting your three kids five places at the exact same time.

Flexibility. You have a schedule when you wake up. It’s not going to be the same. You’re going to have to adapt and be successful and still get it done.

Relationship-building. We have to build relationships with new moms that we meet, with new businesses that we’re trying to interact with, PTO, the kids, all of it.

Entrepreneurship. There are more women in the small business space than anyone else, and that’s because you’ve got a goal that you’re trying to reach, and you’re going to get there, no matter what.

And it’s because of number five, which is perseverance.

So these are the traits that we go to businesses and say this is what you get in a mom. And I guarantee you that there are many people on your team right now that are probably lacking, and this person can help guide them in that area.

JB: It’s so good to hear it put that way! So often, we underplay the value of what we do as moms, but we are incredible.

DC: Super incredible! … You’ve got some innate skills. There’s a study done from Bright Horizons in 2019, and it says 89% of American workers agree that working moms, in leadership roles, bring out the very best in employees compared with working fathers or those without children.

And it’s because they’re better listeners, more diplomatic, better team players, calmer in a crisis. As you see during Covid, more women joined the Fortune 500 in the C-suite positions and like CEO position because of that empathy skill and the ability to help lead the business through this crisis.

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