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Caffeine on the Go: Our Favorite Local Coffee Shops

What makes a good cup of coffee a spectacular one? The perfect local coffee shop to drink it in, of course. Luckily, Birmingham residents have no shortage of options when it comes to finding the perfect spot to indulge their caffeine cravings at any spot in town.

O’Henry’s Coffee Shop

O’Henry’s Coffee has been roasting coffee for over 25 years in the heart of Alabama. Their roasting facility is in the Birmingham suburb of Homewood. Even though being deemed “specialty coffee” you must only use the top 15% of the beans grown in the world, O’Henry’s is extra “specialty” In contrast, using only the top 1%.

Their quest for the perfect bean takes them around the world and back to Birmingham with an extensive amount of different flavor profiles to keep the most passionate  aficionado thirsty for more.

With five locations scattered across the Iron City, O’Henry’s provides not only a quarter century worth of knowledge but the coziest of accommodations for every coffee drinker.

Seeds Coffee

Located in the heart of Homewood, Seeds Coffee prides themselves in the community aspect of coffee. They know that this beverage connects people all over the world and they want to a part of that unifying love by providing the space to bring people together over the common love. Their business is that of “the Earth, the seed, the farmer, the culture–the story of coffee.”

Seeing coffee as a common denominator in so many of our everyday lives, Seeds Coffee wants to set the table for you to connect with your neighbors over a thoughtful cup and conversation.

Red Cat Coffee House

With the motto “Coffee is for everyone,” Red Cat Coffee House aims to provide an atmosphere and menu that is welcoming for people in every stage of their journey.

Open since 2008, Red Cat Coffee House accomplishes that goal and more as a favorite local meeting spot and workspace if you want a delicious drink and treat on the side of your laptop.

With a location at Pepper Place and Railroad Park, you’re always in the neighborhood for a Red Cat cup.

Revelator Coffee

If specialty coffee is your, uhm, specialty, Revelator Coffee will be your proverbial playground whether you are at their downtown space or visiting their space in Mountain Brook.

With offerings from every corner of the world, Revelator Coffee brews are a thing of beauty for those with a creative flavor profile. Their knowledgeable staff are passionate about stepping up your game if you’re willing to venture outside of your comfort zone.

Santos Coffee

Although they’ve been in the coffee business since 1895, Santos Coffee brought its expertise to in Hoover in 2020 and downtown in 2021. Santos Coffee provides amazing creations from the best Guatemala has to offer.

It’s singular region focus means that not only have they perfected their drink menu offerings, but gives them the freedom to expand an exciting food menu as well.

The atmosphere is family (and pet) friendly to boot so even the youngest of coffee fiends can get their fix.

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