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Delphine Carter Chosen as WBL Area Game-Changer

Our Boulo team is excited to announce that our own Delphine Carter, Founder & CEO, was chosen as a Women Business Leaders (WBL) Area Game-Changer! Recipients of this award are known for their outstanding character and leadership. They lead both their teams and community with gratitude. Here at Boulo, we can attest that this is true of Delphine!

A luncheon to honor award winners will take place Friday, October 15th, at The Club in Birmingham, Alabama. The luncheon will focus on how gratitude can change our futures. Viewing gratitude as a skill to develop rather than a feeling leads to transforming personal and professional relationships.

The WBL’s mission is to transform the marketplace by pointing women to Christ. The group encourages women in their faith and helps them make a difference in their workplace and home for God’s glory. The WBL grows relationships through events, small groups, and mentoring.