How Boulo Empowered a Budget-Conscious Non-Profit to Thrive in a Competitive Job Market

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How Boulo Empowered a Budget-Conscious Non-Profit to Thrive in a Competitive Job Market


Are you a small business owner struggling to compete with big companies in the job market? Feel like your budget doesn’t compare to similar roles, but you know your culture and the work you do is well worth it. Our client Apparo had this same challenge! 

“Because we are a non-profit, it’s sometimes hard to find quality level talent that we need; though our benefits and perks of work are very strong, our salaries are not as high as some.” 

The Challenge:

Apparo needed a project coordinator with a deep network in Charlotte, NC. They had to have the professional skills to deliver at the level of the C suite of technology leaders in companies and non-profits. Because the candidate was expected to deliver across multiple business sectors and senior leaders in Fortune companies, they needed someone professional and very knowledgeable. 

As a small business, Apparo didn’t have the time or budget to waste on hiring tools that were not efficient; in fact, it hurt them as a non-profit. The candidates they needed had to resonate with the kind of work they do. The problem with using other sources that weren’t Boulo was that it was so “painful.” 

“The process of going through 100s of people coming at you with skills that are not for the job, and having to sort through them, is painful and long drawn out, and by the time you’re done, they’ve received another job offer. 

When hiring from Indeed, the hire presented great skills, but within less than a year left because they came in for the wrong reasons. Unfortunately, the candidates they found were in it only for growth and money, which is difficult at a non-profit. 


After trying out Boulo’s free job post offering, Apparo was stunned by the skilled and passionate talent they received less than a week after the initial call.

“The candidates were just off the charts amazing! I don’t know how you’ve done it. It’s just stunning. I kept thinking; this must be an anomaly. It blew me away the quality of candidates and how quickly they were provided!” 

A week later, Boulo found the perfect project coordinator for Apparo. In less than a year of hiring, Apparo states that she is the anchor of their team. Apparo gave their Boulo-hired team member a goal of raising $322,000. Less than a year later, she SURPASSED the goal by 10%. In addition, she created a donor pipeline of over $75.000!

“She has blown it out of the water. She stepped right into being innovative and growing outside her comfort zone and has been a great team player for all of us.” 

The CEO spoke about the hiring process as freeing. “Using other sources was long, drawn-out, and painful. However, after using Boulo,” she states, “I can’t even think about looking another way.”

“I understand the concept of the value and the money with you guys. There’s a lot of saved energy and grief, which is WORTH the fee.” 

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