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How Boulo Exceeded Expectations, Placing 2 Key Hires for a Financial Company in Just 15 Days

It typically takes an average of one to three months to fill a role, costing your company 20-60 productivity days. You’ve started your search by posting on job boards, and you have a glut of candidates coming through.  You now need to find the time in your overbooked schedule to source, vet, and interview the candidates. You quickly realize that the job boards aren’t bringing you quality candidates, so you change course and start plugging in to your personal network.  

Boulo Immediate Case study showing average time to fill vacant jobs

But there’s not much to show for it, and the candidates from your network contacts lack diversity.  Your cost to hire keeps climbing, and the number isn’t great for your business at all.

Does this sound familiar?  

We hear from our customers who like Matt Pierce, CEO of Immediate, was worn out from the hiring process.   Sifting through hundreds of submissions from a spectrum of qualifications was getting him nowhere. Take a moment to read our case study to see how we helped Matt solve his hiring needs:

High-Growth Startup, Immediate, Needed an Expert Marketer and Customer Success Lead.

Boulo Helped them Secure both in 15 Days.

The Challenge: 

Immediate had just finished an extensive rebrand when their current marketing director left. They needed experienced candidates fast in order to maintain the momentum of the rebrand. While it was critical that they stayed within budget, they also needed a high-performing professional and weren’t ready to sacrifice on any of their requirements. Using Boulo, Immediate hired Carlyle within 15 days. She fully onboarded within a week and began executing as the replacement for the former marketing director by week two.

Sourcing Talent before Boulo: 

As a start-up, Immediate bootstrapped their talent strategy since day one. This worked at first, but they quickly ran out of talent in their network. So, they turned to posting on job websites such as Indeed. Resumes from unqualified came flooding in. Even after narrowing down their talent pool to 5-10 people, they could still not find the right person.

Immediate quickly found that posting jobs gave them quantity, but significantly lacked quality candidates. The process also consumed a large amount of Founder Matt’s time. Matt noted he should have instead used this time to grow his business.

Sourcing Talent with Boulo: 

After an initial call with the Boulo team, Immediate posted two roles: one for a marketing manager and the other for a community advocate.

Immediate found relief in knowing that the talent would be screened and vetted beforehand, keeping them from wasting more time. For both roles, Boulo presented 5 candidates. From this group, Immediate selected candidates to interview. In 15 days start to finish, Matt and crew hired two new employees. Immediate used the time they gained from using Boulo to maintain focus on growing their business.

The Results: 

In 15 days, Immediate hired Carlyle as their new Marketing Manager and Ann as their new Community Advocate. Carlyle was onboarded in a week and filled the gap of responsibilities by the former marketing director by the beginning of her second week. Ann immediately started executing by improving processes and building a better customer experience 

The Immediate team found that if they continued trying to find talented candidates via digital job boards, they would have had to prepare to spend significantly more time sifting through candidates which could distract them from their number one priority – business growth. 

With Boulo’s 360• vetting process, role calibration exercise and pool of highly qualified diverse candidates, we can fill your role in as few as 5 days with little effort on your part. Meaning that instead of losing productivity while you try to fill a role on your own, you gain productivity with Boulo.

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About Immediate: Immediate helps businesses recruit, engage, and retain employees by providing a financial wellness solution that delivers on-demand access to earned wages.

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