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Boulo Releases Best Match Feature for Smarter Talent Acquisition

As we continue to invest in technology, an innovative Best Match feature has been released on the Boulo platform. This enhancement offers customers a curated list of recommended candidates, prioritizing applicants by their percentage match. The feature showcases candidate skills versus only keyword matching with what is included on a resume. Delphine Carter, CEO and Founder of Boulo Solutions, explains, “This new feature provides customers with a pipeline of strong candidates and enables notifications to Boulo members with a high percentage match, streamlining the hiring process and saving valuable time with talent acquisition.”

The Boulo recruiting platform empowers companies to efficiently access diverse talent through a skills-based approach, promoting equitable hiring and discovering hidden talent often overlooked by other platforms. We facilitate smarter hiring decisions by providing a comprehensive 360° view of candidates’ expertise and core skills. With a talent pool of over 80,000 candidates and a record of hundreds of successful placements, we optimize hiring processes nationwide and reduce companies’ time-to-hire.

For more information on the Best Match feature and its benefits, please contact us for a personalized demonstration.