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From Layoffs to Leadership


Before Michelle joined Momfessional, she had a career as an Accounting CPA for over 25 years. Unfortunately, in December 2022, she was laid off and is looking for new opportunities. During her career, Michelle developed a passion for streamlining processes and helping customers enhance their organizations. Her goal was to find another position where she could continue supporting customers in achieving their objectives.

Joining Momfessional

In February 2023, Michelle started her new job search but was met with several challenges. Despite her persistent efforts in applying to positions, she faced a series of rejections and often received no acknowledgment of her applications. Michelle felt very discouraged as she struggled to secure interviews with any prospective employers.

It was during this time that Michelle discovered Momfessional. Momfessional provided her with the assurance and motivation to explore new opportunities in her professional career. She felt like she had finally found a sense of hope. Michelle has always believed in continuous education and skill development and felt that Momfessional provided her with many opportunities for upskilling.

“The Momfessional community provided me with the comfort and hope to develop my skill set while preparing for my future position. I feel even stronger and ready to start my journey.”

To refine her skills, Michelle engaged in Momfessional’s Resume Review and Customer Success Training. The Customer Success Training was instrumental in deepening her understanding of what it means to be customer-centric and in honing her skills. The most important thing that Michelle learned was that your mindset is crucial to Customer Success. It is how you understand the customers, identify their pain points, and deliver results that are most crucial to being successful.


Shortly after, her previous manager reached out to speak about a position at her former company. During her interview, the hiring team was ecstatic to hear about her new certificate and training. The company had recently become more customer-centric, and Michelle’s training made her stand out with the company’s new vision. 

Michelle started her new position as a Senior Optimization Consultant. Her new responsibilities fit seamlessly with the skills she acquired through the Customer Success training. With her newly refined skills and customer-centric mindset, she now approaches her job with confidence, fully dedicated to helping her customers achieve their goals.