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How Boulo Became the Catalyst for an Event Service’s High-Growth Journey

Many entrepreneurs dream of growing their side business into a high-growth company. One of the obstacles in this journey is finding the right employees to help them achieve this lofty goal. Digital Motion Event Services is a perfect example of a company evolving into its vision of becoming a high-growth company.


Digital Motion services all the digital aspects of hosting a successful event, including planning, execution, and post-event follow-through and reporting. Their focus on technology, ability to write integrations, and creativity within budget guidelines allow them to deliver an overall excellent event experience for their customers consistently. This experience sets Digital Motion apart from its competition and has led to its rapid growth.

Like many small business owners, Founder and Chief Technology Officer Ed McLain leaned on his personal and peer network to find his first hire. This process took two years before he found someone he felt confident hiring.

The Challenge

When it came time for his second hire, Ed had a loose idea of what he needed this person to do in a specific area of his business but was having issues moving forward. He turned to Boulo for help.

The Solution

Through discussions with the Boulo team, Ed was able to home in on what he really needed the role to accomplish. This clarity helped identify what to include in the job description and what skills and aptitude he required in his new hire.

During this process, Ed was surprised at how the discussion with the Boulo team helped him evolve the job description. Not only did the description define the role, but it did so in such a way that highlighted Digital Motion and allowed the Boulo team to advocate for his company. This process resulted in Ed seeing candidates that qualified for his job and specifically wanted to be a part of the Digital Motion team.

photo of Ed McLain, Founder, Digital Motion

It surprised me how we put together the job description to define the role so that Boulo could turn around and sell it. And then knowing that the people that are applying to our position are people that one, you think can do the job, and two, have an idea of who we are and said, ‘I would like to work for that company.’

Ed McLain, Founder & CTO, Digital Motion

The Result

Ed was comfortable moving forward with interviews after the Boulo team presented four candidates and made his second hire, Brooke. Brooke began as a contract worker, but she became a full-time hire within six months because of the amazing work she produced.

As Digital Motion grew, Brooke’s role grew too. Brooke became CEO within two years of first working with Digital Motion. Ed cites Brooke’s ability to manage details and marketing to drive business growth while at the same time having big picture ability to restructure the business to better meet market needs. Ultimately, Brooke helps deliver a better product that customers seek out.

Success Leads to More Success

This growth led to the need for even more employees. But as always, the budget was a concern. So, the Digital Motion team decided to try their luck on job boards. This action resulted in the Digital Motion team being flooded with 120+ resumes that didn’t match their needs. Further, no one on the Digital Motion team could vet the candidates while maintaining focus on delivering for their customers.

At this point, the team changed course and once again reached out to Boulo, believing that the value the Boulo team creates for Digital Motion, saving time by only submitting quality candidates, justified the investment in Boulo services.

A Boulo-Sourced CEO and Team Built for Success

After taking two years to make his first hire from his personal network, Ed then used Boulo to quickly source 5 of his 6 hires to build out the rest of his team. During this time, his first Boulo hire earned a promotion to CEO. Additionally, Ed hired two candidates from the one candidate pool, creating a second position for a candidate because he recognized their value to his long-term goals once he met them.

Digital Motion continues to experience high growth and offer new services. Through his partnership with Boulo, Ed has built a solid team with the skill sets he needed to position his company for continued success.

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