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Employers Need a Better Way to Make Quality Hiring Decisions

The picture shows a 360° view of a candidate seeking a project coordinator role. A 360° candidate view helps employers make better hiring decisions.

Employers are constantly challenged with making high-quality hiring decisions, especially in today’s competitive labor market. According to a recent Forbes article, over 75 percent of hiring managers need help attracting and retaining top talent, so how can they ensure they make the right choices?

Why Great Candidates Get Rejected

Many promising candidates often get overlooked due to outdated hiring practices. While technology has streamlined the process, resume scanning tools sometimes reject excellent candidates based on rigid algorithms or formatting issues. This leads to great talent slipping through the cracks and ending in the reject pile.

How to Facilitate Better Hiring Decisions and Retain Top Talent

Boulo offers a 360° profile of candidates. Instead of focusing solely on job titles and timelines, these profiles prioritize showcasing candidates’ skills and abilities. Designed for easy readability, access a comprehensive overview of hard and soft skills, streamlining the hiring process for managers. In addition, Boulo’s profiles mitigate biases and ensure a more accurate alignment between candidates and job requirements by emphasizing skills over titles. This holistic view also extends to candidates’ behaviors and cultural fit, facilitating better hiring decisions and ultimately retaining top talent. Hiring based on skills brings long-term benefits, including cost savings and increased efficiency for your company.

Learn how Boulo can transform your approach to finding and retaining top-tier talent. Request a free trial and gain access to multiple 360° profiles.