Why Wouldn’t You Hire a Mom?

hire a mom

An unprecedented number of mothers were forced to leave the workforce due to caregiving obligations during the global pandemic.

Now it’s time to bring them back.

Employers are suffering from a talent shortage in a tight labor market but expanding the pool of talent isn’t the only reason to consider prioritizing a mother.

Following are four prime examples of areas where mothers excel in the workplace and why:

Moms have the ability to keep organized at work

Mothers juggle a LOT and are not easily daunted. If you need someone with strong organizational skills and the ability to problem-solve, choose someone who’s had plenty of practice: a mother.

By the time most people without kids wake up, mothers have already dressed, fed, and sent the kids off to school. Mothers know the value of having a set time and order for what needs to be done, and they know more than anybody about the effects and consequences of a disrupted routine.

No worries about the adoption when hiring moms

There are no manuals or step-by-step instructions on how to be a mother. It’s something they learn as they go, and the rules can change by the hour.

Mothers are skilled at learning what they need to know when they need to.

Moms have multiple perspectives

Mothers are great at seeing issues from multiple points of view and are experienced at bringing empathetic solutions to complex problems.

For instance, anyone who’s ever tried to reason with a three-year-old about why they can’t eat ice cream for dinner will appreciate the creativity and empathy required to get past the problem.

Need to solve an impasse and keep everyone happy at work? Bring in an experienced mother.

Moms know how to communicate

As a business leader, you know communication is one of the most critical factors in owning a business. Mothers also know this is all too true on the home front. Toddlers, teenagers, school representatives, store managers, volunteers, and others place demands on mothers that they must receive and process with grace.

Who else has this amount of patience and problem-solving skills other than a mother who’s “been there”?

Moms know how to manage problems

Redirecting a tantrum-throwing 5-year-old to stop, listen, and change their behavior is a Herculean feat that makes problems in the workplace seem like, well, kid’s play.

Millions of mothers excel in these (and many more!) skills. As you look to grow your business and hire best-in-class talent, take a second look at the mothers returning to work.

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