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Why wouldn’t you hire a mom?

hire a mom article cover showing a Mom hired and working on laptop with children on couch in background

by Katharine Tejeda

With an unprecedented amount of women forced to leave the workforce due to the global pandemic, it is more important now than ever to hire, retain, and promote moms!

Who else do you consider to be masters of multitasking, communicating, negotiating, and organization? No one! Moms are incredibly strong, adaptable, and know what it takes to juggle multiple demands. 

If these traits are not enough, consider the value of building a company that respects your team member’s need for flexibility when you hire moms. Flexible environments result in employees working more efficiently, not endlessly; something appreciated by men and women, regardless of their parental status.

Still not convinced your very next hire should be a mom? Here are four prime examples of areas moms excel in and why: 

1. Organized

If you need someone with strong organizational skills, attention to detail, creativity, and the ability to problem-solve, you need a mom. By the time most people without kids wake up, moms have already woken, bathed, dressed, fed, and sent the kids off to school. Moms know the value of having a set time and order for things that need to get done, and she knows more than anybody the effects and consequences of a routine that gets disrupted. 

2. Adaptable

There is no manual or step-by-step instructions on how to be a mother. It is something you learn as you go and changes by the hours. Moms are skilled at finding what they need to know when they need to know it.  

3. Perspective

They see multiple ways to approach an issue. Moms have more experience bringing solutions to problems than most: have you ever tried to reason with a three-year-old on why they can’t eat ice cream for dinner? Have you ever tried to get 3 kids to 5 locations in a one-hour time frame? There’s always a creative way to solve an impasse and keep everyone happy. Moms are really good at finding them. 

4. Communication  

As a business leader, you know communication is one of the most important factors of owning a business. Moms also know this all too well! They have experience negotiating with toddlers, teenagers, school representatives, store managers, volunteers, and anyone who persists in asking “why” at least 50 times a day. Who else has this amount of patience and problem-solving skills other than a mom? 

5. Problem Management

If moms can get a tantrum-throwing 5-year old to stop and listen and then redirect their behavior to a solution, what makes you think she can’t handle the problems that arise in the workforce? 

There are over 35 million women that are not only excelling in these skills at work but also in their home life. So, as you grow your business and look for best-in-class talent, hire moms!

Consider working with a strategic partner like Boulo to save time and money. We’ve found a way to surface high-value candidates, like moms, not found on job boards for your business. We become your personal network! Schedule a meeting with our team to find out how!

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