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How Boulo Found a Diverse Gem for a Recruitment and Retention Company


Chalker Group, a Birmingham-based company, has been in operation for approximately ten years. They are an all-female team specializing in assisting clients in introducing candidates from various locations and backgrounds to the city. Their curated approach aims to connect both recruitment and retention candidates to the resources that are most meaningful to them and their families. 

The Challenge

Before utilizing Boulo’s services, Chalker Group relied on word-of-mouth referrals and informal recruiting methods. However, they faced several challenges. They often found themselves meeting with candidates who did not meet all the necessary criteria, hindering the hiring process. 

Diversifying their team proved to be another obstacle. The Chalker Group was highly committed to interviewing and hiring diverse candidates. Chalker Group also emphasized the importance of soft skills for this particular hire, as the individual would be interacting with many different stakeholders and needed to be adaptable to shifting priorities.

The company had been searching for the right candidate for at least six months, unwilling to compromise on finding the right candidate.


Chalker Group came to Boulo to find the right candidate because of their reputation of finding diverse candidates quickly. Soon, Chalker Group found exactly who they were looking for. And by the new hire’s second day, Chalker Group’s expectations were surpassed. One team member remarked, 

“She has been nothing short of incredible.”

The impact of this hire on Chalker Group’s objectives and goals was significant. They felt that the hire was indispensable, saying, 

“You can hire someone and then wonder how you existed without them. That’s how we felt about our hire.”

With their new team member’s ready-to-work mentality, Chalker Group was able to take on more new clients, expanding their business opportunities.

Chalker Group’s experience with Boulo’s services also exceeded their expectations. The quick hiring process, which resulted in finding their dream employee, left a lasting impression. They expressed their satisfaction and appreciation, stating, 

“I would not want to hire without Boulo again” 

and encouraging Boulo to continue their valuable work, saying, 

“I think it’s a huge, great, necessary service. So keep going. Don’t go away.”

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