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How Boulo Streamlined Hiring for a Growing Market Research Firm


The Bantam Group is a small market research firm specializing in brand building, brand development, creative testing, product development, audience segmentation, and corporate communication. They work with advertising agencies and companies to help them develop their strategies. 

With only 6 employees, the firm lacked a dedicated HR department, which led to the company relying on its employees to screen candidates, taking away valuable client time. The company tried using job search platforms, including Indeed, Talent Zoo, Handshake, and LinkedIn but found the wide range of candidates and the time-consuming screening process challenging to navigate.

“We were struggling with hiring. We received applicants with various backgrounds and experiences that did not match our job, making it difficult to vet them effectively.”

In addition, the firm had been operating virtually for 10-12 years, which was once a unique selling point in the job market. Since the pandemic, remote work has become commonplace, and their once distinguishing feature was no longer a standout attribute. This change made it challenging for them to differentiate themselves in a competitive job market.

The Results:

The company hired two employees through Boulo, one project-based who conducted focus groups and interviews for the company’s brand development projects, and the other as a full-time Project Manager. 

“I worked with Jeanne (Principal Staffing Lead at Boulo), and she was flawless.” 

The company’s President was impressed by Boulo’s ability to find candidates with the specific skill sets they were looking for and the platform’s ability to find a candidate interested in growing their career instead of the social lifestyle, often associated with advertising agencies. 

“Boulo’s staff were incredibly helpful. I felt like they walked the line between advocating for candidates but also advocating for us. They were equally as interested in making sure that they (the candidates) were going to be a good fit for us as we were going to be a good fit for them.” 

The company found the cost structure of Boulo to be a “great investment,” and the 90-day replacement guarantee provided valuable insurance. The hiring process was significantly less time-consuming, allowing the President to focus on elevating the company’s team.

What impressed her the most were the confidence and the authenticity of the Boulo candidates. As you hire someone more experienced, “they know what they want and are more articulate in their interests, abilities, and weaknesses.” Qualities not yet discovered in candidates with less years of experience.  

“We knew that hiring Felicia (the top Boulo candidate), she would have the skills we normally would have to teach, such as email tone and practical business experiences. This difference saved us so much time.” 

“Felicia has been great. She has been able to do it all and then some. She’s incredibly eager. She is never hesitant. With Felicia, she was just ready to do work and add value. She’s highly personable. 


The Bantam Group, a small market research firm, found success with Boulo, a staffing platform that specializes in connecting talented mothers with businesses with a flexible work environment. 

The firm had struggled with hiring, but Boulo’s personalized approach and ability to find candidates with the specific skill sets they were looking for were game changers.

With Boulo’s help, the Bantam Group was able to save time and continue focusing on elevating their existing team while finding a candidate who was an excellent fit for their unique needs. The authenticity and confidence in the Boulo candidates stood out and resulted in a successful hire who has exceeded expectations. 

Overall, the Bantam Group’s positive experience with Boulo highlights the value of personalized, strategic staffing solutions for small businesses.
 “I have been recommending Boulo to several small business owners. I will never hire someone on my own again.”

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