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How to Hire an Administrative Assistant in 6 Steps

Seeking the right administrative assistant can make all the difference in the efficiency and harmony of your workplace.

However, hiring the right administrative assistant is more complex than it may seem. You’re not alone in this journey; this comprehensive guide is here to streamline your hiring process.

This article will walk you through a six-step process to hire administrative assistant. We’ll be covering:

  • Determining the job descriptions of an administrative assistant: Know what qualifications and skills are essential for the role.
  • Defining the job level of administrative assistants: Distinguish between entry-level and senior positions to find the right fit.
  • Deciding the pay range for your administrative assistant position: Set a competitive salary that draws top candidates.
  • Posting your job to job boards: Gain insights into where and how to post your job listing for maximum visibility.
  • Conducting an interview: Discover the crucial questions you should be asking during interviews.
  • Making an offer: Finalize your decision with the ideal terms and conditions.
  • FAQs on how to hire an administrative assistant: Resolve common questions associated with the hiring process.

Determine Job Descriptions for an Administrative Assistant

When you’re set to hire an administrative assistant, crafting a clear and detailed job description is your best way to attract the best talent.

This step is crucial for setting the right expectations and making it easy for qualified candidates to see themselves thriving in this role at your organization.

Determine Job Descriptions for an Administrative Assistant

Below is an in-depth look at the essential responsibilities usually tied to an administrative assistant position.

Job Duties of an Administrative Assistant

Every business that hires an administrative assistant has specific tasks they expect the role to fulfill.

However, there are some general duties that almost every administrative assistant will undertake:

  • Data Entry and Record-Keeping: An administrative assistant will often manage databases and perform data entry tasks, including customer information.
  • Appointment Scheduling: This role usually involves scheduling meetings, interviews, and appointments for other team members.
  • Correspondence: Most administrative assistants’ daily tasks are managing emails, sending out memos, and handling internal and external communication.
  • Customer Service: An administrative assistant is often the first point of contact for clients and vendors and therefore should have strong customer service skills.
  • Administrative Support: The role invariably includes general administrative duties such as filing, photocopying, scheduling travel as well as setting up conference rooms for meetings.

Job Requirements of an Administrative Assistant

Understanding the requirements helps you set the stage for a hire surpassing your expectations.

Let’s delve into the must-have qualifications:

  • Education: A high school diploma or GED is the baseline, but some roles may necessitate a bachelor’s degree. This could be optional based on the years of experience of the candidate.
  • Technical Skills: Familiarity with Google or Microsoft Office Suite or familiarity with any tools that are necessary for them to have on day one.
  • Communication Skills: Strong verbal and written capabilities are key for seamless office operations.
  • Organizational Skills: Multitasking and time management are the backbone of administrative efficiency. Project management experience could be a strong value add.
  • Attention to Detail: This skill set ensures accuracy in everything from data entry to calendar management.
  • Confidentiality: The capacity to handle sensitive information securely is imperative in this role.
  • Experience: Depending on whether the role is for an entry-level, executive, or senior assistant, the level of prior experience will vary.

Define the Job Level of Administrative Assistant

Creating a short list of candidates becomes more manageable when you precisely define the job level of the administrative assistant you seek to hire.

From entry-level to executive, each tier has its unique blend of responsibilities and expertise, shaping the job description, salary range and required qualifications.


Entry-Level Administrative Assistant

Executive Administrative Assistant

Senior Administrative Assistant


Little to None

Below 3 years

3-5 years

Decision-making Authority

Low; follow established procedures and work under supervision

Medium; have more responsibility and accountability than lower-level administrative assistants

High; have more autonomy and handle confidential and sensitive information


$43,046 per year (according to Payscale)

$50,539 per year (based on ZIPPIA)

$56,123 and $70,373 per year (as cited in

Long-term vision

Short-term tasks

Strategic support

Operational excellence

Decide the Pay Range for Your Administrative Assistant Position

Establishing a salary range that’s fit the market’s expectations is essential for drawing in top-tier candidates and fostering long-term job satisfaction.

For instance, according to, the pay range for administrative assistants can fall around $40,318 and $50,934 annually, depending on experience and location.

Decide the Pay Range for Your Administrative Assistant Position

Make this important decision based on your required skill level, the scope of responsibilities, and current market rates.

When setting this range, consider allowances, benefits, and bonus opportunities.

Post Your Job on Boulo

Once you’ve ironed out all the specifics, publicize the position where it is likeliest to be seen by your ideal candidates.

Platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed are a common option but your posting will be one of over 10 million jobs, making it difficult to stand out.

In fact, top recognized brands on those platforms attract more than double the applicants than other brands. Boulo works specifically with small to medium sized businesses, helping them stand out among top candidates by allowing them to showcase their employer brand. And because we understand the tight budgets of our customers, Boulo’s subscription offerings adapt to most any hiring budget 

Key Points:

  • Boulo: Boulo candidates are mostly women, mothers and caregivers seeking full-time, part-time and contract roles. They have an average of 10 years of work experience in marketing, administrative support, sales, project management, customer success and finance. The best part is they have the life and professional experience to hit the ground running. By posting a job with Boulo, you increase your chances of attracting qualified candidates matching your exact requirements. 
  • Your Business Network: In addition to Boulo, tap into your personal and business network to find high-quality referrals. Word-of-mouth is still a powerful tool, especially when paired with a targeted job board like Boulo.

By focusing your hiring efforts on Boulo, you increasing the likelihood that your next administrative assistant will be a stellar addition to your team.

Conduct an Interview

You’re now one step closer to finding the perfect administrative assistant for your team.

Now comes the interview.

Conduct an Interview with a Software Engineer

This is your golden opportunity to get to know the candidates beyond their resumes. Let’s make it count with a few example questions:

  1. Describe Your Experience With Various Administrative Tasks: Assess their practical skills and past roles to see if they align with your needs.
  2. How Do You Prioritize and Manage Tasks?: Learn how they prioritize and handle multiple tasks, a crucial skill for administrative efficiency.
  3. Tell me about your career goals: Ask what made them feel successful in their prior professional experiences.
  4. When was the last time you had to learn a new process?: Ask them about that experience so you know what it would take to support them in their learning. 
  5. Describe the best team you ever worked on and why it was such a good team?: This will help you to understand their preferred team dynamics and cover what a great team looks like in their eyes. 

Each question you ask brings you closer to making a hire that will not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Make an Offer

You’ve navigated the complex journey of interviews and evaluations, and you’re now at the exciting stage where you’re looking to hire an administrative assistant: making a job offer.

Consider the following key components for a well-rounded offer:

  • Salary: Align this with industry standards, the candidate’s experience, and your budget.
  • Benefits: Standard perks could include healthcare and retirement contributions.
  • Role and Responsibilities: A clear job description helps set initial expectations.
  • Career Path: Mention opportunities for professional growth within the company.
  • Start Date: Propose a mutually agreeable date to commence work.
  • Contingencies: Note any conditions like background checks or a probationary period.

This balanced approach will help you successfully hire an administrative assistant who perfectly fits your organization.

FAQs on How to Hire an Administrative Assistant

Let’s shed light on some answers to pressing questions that often arise when you’re looking to hire an administrative assistant.

Where Can I Find Qualified Candidates for This Role?

A powerful solution for finding top-tier candidates is through Boulo. Our Job Posting Offering streamlines the hiring process, connecting you with qualified administrative assistants in a targeted and efficient manner.

How Do I Handle Performance Issues With an Administrative Assistant?

Address performance issues promptly and constructively. Start with a one-on-one meeting to discuss the areas of concern. Be specific about what needs to improve and offer a timeline for reassessment. If issues persist, consider additional training or ultimately, termination. Having pre-established goals makes this conversation much easier for everyone. 

How Can I Measure the ROI of Hiring an Administrative Assistant?

Measuring ROI involves assessing the value the assistant brings regarding time-saving, efficiency improvement, and overall contribution to business goals.

The Smart Path to Hire an Administrative Assistant

You’ve mastered the essentials and are now ready to take decisive action.

Utilize this guide as your roadmap to hire an administrative assistant who’s not just a fit but an asset.

With Boulo, you can streamline the process even further by quickly posting a job to connect with qualified candidates effortlessly.

So why wait? Hire smart, hire right, and let your business thrive with us.

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