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Parenting Resources & Flexibility Lead to Work Success

At Boulo, we help women stay in and return to the workforce by matching them with flexible job opportunities. But we know finding women a flexible job solves just one part of the challenge. Women also need a support system that provides mental health resources and helps them tackle parenting concerns. This support helps women feel confident about committing to their careers and ultimately benefits employers as well. Yet, many women and caregivers don’t have employer-sponsored family benefits.

That’s why Boulo partnered with Veer to offer a layer of assistance to working parents. The partnership provides jobs AND the emotional support structure needed to help working parents succeed. To help support our member’s mental health, Boulo members receive a discount on their Veer membership.

Need for Parental Resources is Increasing

Both Delphine Carter, CEO of Boulo Solutions, and Courtney Bolton, CEO of Veer, are working parents leading their businesses. They understand first-hand the contribution mothers make professionally and the pain points in having both a career and children.

Unfortunately, the pain points seem to be increasing. For instance, distressing reports suggest the pressure put on women to balance work and childcare is leading to an unprecedented level of strain. It’s well documented that the pandemic led to excessive burdens on women, especially relating to childcare responsibilities. Many of the pressures are yet to be alleviated. Quarantines, lack of childcare, and remote learning make it difficult for women to meet the needs of their children and work.

Impact of Lack of Resources for Parents

This increase in work-life balance demands has led to over a million women being forced out of the workforce over the last couple of years. Most have not found their way back in. What’s the impact?

  • 42% of women reported feeling burned out often or almost always in 2021
  • One in three women has considered downshifting her career or leaving the workforce altogether in the past year
  • The U.S. economy loses more than $650 Billion a year due to fewer women in the workforce

So, the need to combine the flexible jobs Boulo brings with the emotional support systems provided by Veer is only growing, and it helps more than just the caregivers. When parents have manageable work and a support system available to them, it also benefits their employers.

Benefits to Employers

Bolton puts it this way, “Right now, corporations are looking for ways to support parents, keep them in the workplace, and keep them from burning out. Offering this support to parents allows them to be more focused and productive at work, providing a compelling overall net benefit to families and the companies who employ them.”

Carter agrees, pointing out that the partnership efficiently provides client support. According to Carter, it is about “creating a playing field in the office that accepts and supports parents,. She goes on to say, “Using Veer’s services will provide our working caregivers with faster, more effective support that saves them time and resources. That’s what moms need right now – supportive solutions that help them be more present at work without feeling guilty about a concern at home.”

How Veer Helps

Veer’s team supports parents by conducting universal behavioral health screenings. These screenings help identify children with social-emotional, academic, and mental health concerns early in life. Veer also immediately provides resources and support so parents can address those issues alongside trained and credentialed clinicians. Veer helps parents find local support and resources. Parents also have mental health resources and counseling available to them when facing stresses related to childcare and work.

While most corporate support programming ends with a return to work or when the baby is a year old, the program offered by Boulo and Veer recognizes that parents need support from pregnancy through young adulthood.

Learn more about Veer’s offerings and membership here.

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