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Resources to Help Working Parents Thrive This Summer Break

Summer break can be a challenging time for working parents, as they strive to balance their professional responsibilities with the needs and activities of their children. Fortunately, there are many apps, many free, that help working parents easily navigate the summer months. 

From activity and event finders to chore and task management tools, meal planning services, and even mental health apps, these resources are shortcuts to getting it all done.

  • Activity and Event Finders: Apps like KidPass, ActivityHero, and Mommy Nearest provide information about kid-friendly activities, events, and attractions happening near you over the summer months.

  • Chore and Task Management: Apps such as Cozi, OurHome, and ChoreMonster allow parents to assign tasks, create schedules, and track their family’s activities and chores. Use these to make sure everything doesn’t fall on your shoulders and give your children a sense of responsibility.

  • Meal Planning and Delivery: Services like Mealime, PlateJoy, eMeals, and HelloFresh offer meal planning assistance, grocery lists, and even deliver the ingredients , making it easier for working parents to manage meal preparation. How about tasking your older children to make the means since many come with great instructions!

  • Parenting Blogs and Websites: Websites and blogs such as, Scary Mommy, and Boulo Solutions (shameless plug) provide valuable resources, articles, and advice specifically tailored for working parents during the summer.

  • Family Calendar Apps: Apps such as Google Calendar, Cozi Family Organizer, and Family Calendar allow parents to create and share calendars with their family members, making it easier to coordinate availability, schedules and appointments.

  • Mental Health and Self-Care Apps: Apps like Calm, Headspace, and Insight Timer offer guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, and stress relief techniques to help working parents manage their mental well-being – a need during summer break! The 3-minute breathing exercises will surprise you in their effectiveness at helping you to relax. 

Take a deep breath, step out into the sunshine, and go create cherished memories while effectively managing your professional commitments.