Solving the Puzzle for Professional Women to Stay In, Or Return to the Workforce | Boulo Solutions
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Solving the Puzzle for Professional Women to Stay In, Or Return to the Workforce

In this interview with Peter Clayton of the TotalPicture Podcast, Delphine Carter discusses the complex challenge Boulo Solutions is designed to address: helping women stay in and return to the workforce.

Did you know women leave the workforce before reaching the C-suite at 3x the rate of men? 3 out of 5 highly qualified women end up having non-linear careers because they have found non-traditional ways to use their professional skills. This type of career pathway can be challenging to showcase on traditional resumes. It also decreases the odds of being found on the most popular hiring platforms, which utilize one-dimensional onboarding, do not account for soft skills and depend on simple matching algorithms.

Keeping women working benefits everyone, from businesses to families to the entire U.S. economy. The economy could improve by as much as $842B by supporting women in the workforce.

Thanks to Peter Clayton, host of CEO Insights edition of the TotalPicture Podcast, for the chance to share our mission with your audience! And to HR Tech Alliances Collaboration Zone for the connection.

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