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Tips to Save Fuel While Running Errands

We all have errands to run, whether taking the kids to soccer practice or grabbing groceries. Stopping for gas is the least ideal task during a packed day. Here are some tips to help you save fuel while you’re out and about.

Defensive Driving to Conserve Fuel

Read the road ahead, anticipating the actions of other drivers and potential hazards. The less braking and acceleration, the less fuel used.

Keep Up with Car Maintenance

Get your car serviced regularly to maintain engine efficiency and make sure you’re using the correct engine oil (check the handbook). Car maintenance is essential in ensuring you and your family’s safety on the road – whether just down the road or those long road trips.

Check Your Tire Treads

Well maintained tires are essential for safe and economical driving as well as saving on fuel. Check tire pressures regularly (especially before a long journey) in order to ensure you are adequately conserving fuel

Replacing Dirty Air Filters Saves Fuel

Dirty air filters cause your car’s engine to work much harder than it has to and always results in poor fuel economy. Best practice is to replace your air filters every 12,000-15,000 miles.

Drive the speed limit

Always try to drive at or near the speed limit. The optimal traveling speed for every make and model vehicle is different. However, the faster you drive, the worse your gas mileage and fuel consumption will be.

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